The Australian law on rape, sexually assault and sexually-related diseases is among the best in the world. Not only does it provide assistance to the female sex but also the male sex in terms of health and support for people with sexually transmitted diseases. The Australian government has a separate sub-branch in the health system that deals with sexual health and mental health. The institute provides support for AIDS/ HIV and herpes and many other sexually transmitted disease. The support here refers to rehabilitation mentoring and treatment.

The medicare organisation health fund also has a special branch for sexually transmitted diseases. It allows patient to receive special offers and treatments at a lower cost/ rate at most hospital that  works in conjunction with the medicare hospital cover.

The Australia constitution clearly has a section that deals with all sexual assaults and minimal age of having sexual intercourse with other people. In the sexual assault section, division 72, Act 34 clearly states that under 16 year old boys or girls are prohibited to have sexual intercourse with any underage or overage person in any private or public places. The Australian Federal Police work in conjunction with the high court to catch any underage sex offenders. These include attending brothels and illegal sexual service.

For more information, go to the Australian government website:


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