As teenagers, sexually transmitted diseases may not seem like an important issue, but from a recent survey, it is clear that our knowledge about STI/ STDs is extremely limited and the age of underage sexual contact is getting younger every year. Therefore, it is up to our responsibility to take care of our own sexual health. These include receiving sexual education and knowing the facts about STI. The most important fact that one must know is that the condom is not as simple as you think. It brings protection over most of the sexually transmitted diseases. Health issues such as bedwetting should be carefully tended to and the genitals should be washed and cleaned every day. Inspection of the genitals is the only thing we as teenagers can do to prevent any diseases of the sexual organ.

Overall, although sexually transmitted diseases may not be an issue, our sexual health starts right when we are going through puberty so it is essential that we do not use contaminated toilet paper or toilet seats. Through this, the chances/ risks of attracting sexually transmitted diseases are lessened greatly.


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