Why did I decide to present this information on a website?

There are many reasons that I decided to present the information of sexually transmitted diseases through the use of a website 

  • The use of websites allows other people to access it online easily and is easy to read
  • Compared with other options such as a podcast, a website is easier to read off and can present more information than a 3 minute podcast.
  • The use of websites is advantageous as other people can link my website to their own. For example, if this website contains useful accurate information, governmental institution may want a link of this website embedded on their external links page.
  • Overall websites are more attractive and you can play around with many javascript and place in videos to help the viewer understand more
Through the above few reasons, I have decided to do website that will present the information in an attractive and effective way that is easy to read and fun to interact with.

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