Consequences of the Actions


As a result of the research programs that has been going on in the past few years, there have been quite a numerous of protests. The reasons are mainly the economic side and the ethics of the research. 

Some religion does not allow sexual contact to happen more than once and has enraged many people due to the consequences taken by the religious groups. The main problem is the government spending to much funding on the one disease. Disagreement in deciding whether to stop on continue research have sparked many protests in countries around the world. As some people may think that STD are not  a worry compared with other diseases such as the Ebola virus while other groups thinks that STD required much more attention than you think.

In fact, in the recent few years, a numerous case of extinct sexually transmitted diseases have come back the human life to continue affecting the people. Recently, the case of ghonorrhoea has been totally eliminated but over the last couple of years, the cases have slowly come back to infect the people and the government is trying to spend a large sum of money to keep it under control as there are risk of the infection becoming a pandemic.

The more recent outbreaks of protests on the research of sexually transmitted diseases are due to ethical issue with the testing. experiment itself. CLICK HERE to read more. 

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