Around the world, there are many organisations assisting with the research into the prevention and 'cure' for some of the sexual transmitted diseases. One of the most well-known organisation is the IAS or International AIDS Society. In Australia, we have our National STD institute and National sexual transmitted diseases research centre. CLICK HERE to get more information on the Australia's health care system and the Australian laws on sexually transmitted diseases. In Britain, one of the more famous organisation is the 'embarrassing bodies' teens. It is a team of more than 6 sextologists running an STD tests around the country on teens around the age of 13 to 25. The embarrassing bodies team is a specialized team of doctors trained to deal with all type of sexually related diseases such as Gonorrhoea.

Below is a part of an episode of the 'embarrassing bodies' documentary (nudity, recommended for mature audiences)


"Oh who cares, lets just have sex," OR " doesn't matter, it is just a piece of elastic plastic, it is so uncomfortable.


The condom is an amazing invention that serves a range of purposes. Firstly, for couples that do not wish to have off-springs, condoms are used to prevent fertilisation. The main use of condoms is of course to have a safe sexual contact. The condom, being a small elastic plastic covering for the penis may seem to be easily penetrated but in fact it could mean getting AIDS or staying healthy. At a clinic specializing at sexual health, you would see signs telling that usage of condoms are recommended. Yet, 1 in 10 men would ignore the message exposing themselves to preventable risks. The condom not only protects the male from infection but also the females as well. Most importantly, it is the most clean and quick protective gear. It is economical as it is available from the local chemists and it does not easily break.

As you can see here, this is a simple condom of the many colourful ones on the market.  Costing around $2 AUD each, the condom is a cheap and effective protective gear to be wearing while having sexual contact as it is the most effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases whether viral or bacterial. The condom has a ring and that holds it in place. The plastic at the tip is an elastic tough plastic that is designed to contain the sperm.

Although the condom is only one way of preventing sexually transmitted disease, there are other methods such as:

  • The Pill
  • Cap and Diaphragm
  • IUD (intra-uterine device
Unfortunately, the three methods mentioned above may cause bladder infection and other discomforts and is more expensive. Therefore, the best product on the market today to prevent sexually transmitted diseases is the condom.

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